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I like watching just about any anime :) Hence the high ratings, although I pick carefully what I watch so im not disappointed too often. Also a massive completionist, have not dropped anything yet :P Then I havent started anything ludicrously long.

Oh I'm also a character mod on the forum ;)

Claris <3


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Zaig says...

The Hyperdimension games are enjoyable if you don't want to play a serious RPG; it's got an interesting cast, a fun battle system, and hilarious dialogue. There isn't much of a plot (well, there is, although the story writing wasn't the focus), but you wouldn't seem to be bothered judging by your love of Lucky Star, other random anime, etc, unless you prefer keeping your anime tastes and gaming tastes separate. Fairy Fencer F was created by the same developers, and I'd actually recommend that over Hyperdimension Neptunia since I enjoyed every minute/played through 3 times (I even got a friend to purchase it a week ago). It's also shorter if you're not looking for a long journey and has just one game - for now because it's getting a sequel - if you don't want to get into an entire franchise, but there's reasons to replay at least once. Verdict: they're both great games I'd recommend. If you go with Hyperdimension and are waiting for both games to get on Steam, you should probably start with 1 because the second is about the cast's younger siblings and them trying to save their older sisters. Hope that helps!

Dec 26, 2014
Zaig says...

True, but I was readying to drop Lost Future before I finished the episode because it was that boring (although when the girl confessed, I was wondering how the rest of the anime was going to play out - didn't expect her to get taken out by a bus, that's for sure). Overall, Celestial Method had a better first episode and the endings were comparatively dramatic, except Lost Future had a shocker ending that makes you really want to see what happens next (except in my case, where I actually forgot about it because that was the only good part lol).

Nov 14, 2014
Zaig says...

For a first episode, Celestial Method was actually kinda good drama-wise but now it's like Glasslip all over again. In Search of the Lost Future had an interesting start, although it's gotten harsh criticism on the forums. However, judging by how you're confused by Celestial Method, seems I have a better chance at returning to the later. XD

Nov 14, 2014
Zaig says...

So, Celestial Method. If you could get me when/if its drama kicks it up like seven notches, I'd appreciate it. I was mostly watching because it seemed like it would get that way, but the first few episodes were lousy.

Nov 12, 2014
Shivichan says...

Hello, Nice avatar! ^0^ 

And seeing Kirino in the morning made my day. xD

Oct 2, 2014