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Mirai Nikki TV

May 9, 2013

   This anime isn't that bad but heres the problem at least for me, is the male lead character named yuki who is so weak and just all around pathetic he will only be referred to as yamcha from now on.

   The story and plot for Mirai Nikki aren't bad, I rather like the plot, which is based off of a bunch of people who record the world around them in some manner and now are thrown into a game created by the god of time, in which now their method of record keeping now holds records of the future. This is interesting because they can use this information to effectively go after each other and counter one another, all for the goal of being the only one left and becoming the new god of time.

   The characters in general aren't bad but i wish they had a more varied range, because it seems like each one is just so crazy. So i just wish there was just a mix of people from normal to the crazy, because it would have been interesting to see some take part, some get dragged in, and like 1 or something just fight against the game. But i guess the ultimate form of weakness that is yamcha balances it kinda.

Now for those that don't get why i don't like the main character, it's because yamcha just breaks down and crys allong with a lot of panicing. Now I can understand having a character panic and freck out at the start, but yamcha crys, panics, does everything wrong and is just useless the entire series. This character is without a doubt the worst one i've ran into in the 100+ anime i've watched, so much so yamcha really does ruin this anime to quite a extent.

But other than the black of hole fail, the other characters are fine for the most part and they all develop enough to make you hate them or like them as well and understand why they are the way they are.

   Everything else such as the animation and sound quality are good, and the action is good to thou they censored a lot of the gore whcih is kinda weird mainly because I rarely run into anime with a lot of censoring on the gore (pixel coverings).

   Overall it's good nothing really bad about it this anime, the only real problem is they made the main character so bad that you will most likely wish for yamcha to die or just be pissed of at his existance. It's sad because this could have been pretty good, but if you hate yamcha class characters in major roles in anime, you should skip this one other wise give it a go.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
6/10 overall
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