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This is really just the same old story told for the hundred and twelfth time, nothing notably different from any other gundam series on the market. An emo little brat accidentally pilots a gundam in battle, but miraculously does so better than any of the trained pilots. He kicks ass on the battlefield, then goes whining & preaching about how wrong war is. He doesn't want to fight & his emo little friends don't want him to fight, but he winds up fighting anyway, because all the trained & experienced pilots on the ship are useless little turds who keep getting their butts handed to them on the battlefield. If you get off on whiney little emo brats, you'll love this series. If not, you'll want to avoid it like a plague.

2/10 story
9/10 animation
5/10 sound
1/10 characters
3/10 overall

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CarteNoir Apr 10, 2012

Your review makes me want to watch it, just to laugh at how bad it is. Personally I really like Gundam so it might be a fanboy thing. 

MOJ Jul 25, 2011

Since this s the second Gundam series i will be watching (the previous being 00), i can't say i agree with your view on the story. It is way too early to judge (based on like 2 episodes). I myself have little to no love for whiny emo brats as you put them but i think there might be some character development...hopefully.

What i am really beginning to hate is the character design. They look like characters out of a 1990 anime. Ancient haircuts, round, chubby faces (especially for the girl characters) really make the anime look like a classical work more so than a modern one.

xxoshuxx Apr 26, 2011

While it's a little early to give it this rating...I am really hating this series. Like you said, it's the exact same story Gundam has been going off of. There is no character development and no way for you to connect to these characters whose views are never simply explained. Yes the graphics are cool but that's about it for Gundam Unicorn.

BrainBlow Nov 27, 2010

I have a feeling your... review... is somewhat simplified too much.

But the summary sounds similar, I must admit...