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This series started out really good, I would have rated the first part 4 stars or more. After a while though it made a huge shift in plot & characters, and seemed like a completely unrelated series. That part sucked major balls, and should be given a negative rating.

If I had the capacity to give the series 2 seperate ratings, I would give the first part very high ones (probably 8/10), but the later part deserves very low ones for story & overall (probably 0.0003/10). The scores included here are the 2 sets averaged together.

5/10 story
8/10 art
6/10 characters
1.2/10 overall

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Drahken says...

My reasoning IS explained, right in the second sentence. Right in the midst of the plot it suddenly shifted to completely different characters and plot, yanking the rug right out from under the reader. btw, When you're criticizing someone else, you should at least get your spelling correct. The term you're looking for is "gAll", not "gUll".

Apr 26, 2012
skolnikc says...

I agree bad review. Completely based on an opinion that isn't explained. Psh, and you have the gull to criticize anything at all.

Apr 24, 2012
Kzare says...

You could have elaborated more on your reasoning for giving the manga a 1.2/10 which is a bit harsh. Being as you given no Explanation at all. This review is unrelible.

Apr 8, 2012