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Adding info to a series

25 FEB

While it is not currently possible for users to add info directly to the entry for a series, you can add any info you want in the form of a user review, including screenshots. The purpose of this tutorial is to show you exactly how to do that. Click the images for full sized pics.


First you go to the page for the anime or manga you want to add info for (I'll be using an anime one for this tutorial), then click on the "reviews" tab:

Now click on the "Add or update review for this anime!" link. You have to give the series an overall rating when you write a user review, but the other ratings are optional. Then just write whatever info you want to give. Try to keep it looking professional (no swearing, no begging people to visit your site, etc). To include screenshots in your review, you need to upload them somewhere. Imageshack.us works well for this, but there are many other free image hosts available too. After you have prepared & uploaded your screenshots (try to keep them fairly small, around 350px wide is good), adding them to your review is easy. First click the icon next to the filmstrip one:

Then paste the URL to your image in the appropriate field (the others can be left blank):

Repeat the process to add more images. When you are done, go back to the entry & click the reviews tab again, and you will see your review appear:

Here is the review I put together for the purposes of this tutorial: Adventures of the Little Koala

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