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Elfen Lied

Jul 13, 2010

This is gonna be short and lotsa grammatical mistakes... Might cause spoiler

StoryThe plot itself was flowing naturally but it gets confusing later on. Such as how in the world did Bando survived after his body been cut off like that? It was so unrealistic. And when the female scientist (who invented the virus and antivirus) whoever her name is, was surrounded by a group Diclonious, why did they stop attacking? Were they staring at Lucy? And Anna, in the end she got off the monster shell thingy which means she did not actually fused with that thing so how come the monster Anna got a big vector (it was there, wasn't it?)? The Diclonious machine too, it shouldn't get scare of Lucy since it didn't actually have any feelings. It was controlled. Oh, the vaccine box that the girl scientist was holding wasn't supposed to be THAT heavy. It's only vaccine, what do you expect? Maybe it's just the box? Other thing, Nozomi just appeared out of nowhere... and how come Kouta could bear to feed all those girls if he didn't even have a job?

The art was okay but in chapter 1, the neck position doesn't seem quite right.

Mariko is the one who confuses me. In a pinch, she got all nice.

6/10 story
7/10 art
6/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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