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Beyblade Metal Fight

12 FEB

This anime was not that bad, but it could have done a lot better job. For starters all the other beyblade anime had the beyblades having its parts changed, while in this one it was looked down on by the protaginst thought if the beyblade stayed the way it was because it was all about the "blader's spirit," The anime could have done a better job of the last episode. It should have been more thrilling because the last episode is the climax and the conclusion put together. It felt a little dull to me because I felt it could have been made a lot more entertaining and interesting. There are a lot of flaws and weaknesses in this anime. The anime could have been made a little longer and a better watch for its viewers. A lot of people don't like long shows, now I'm not one of them, but to me I think 52 episodes is the minimum and this anime went below the minimum. Beyblade Metal Fight was a far cry from all the other beyblade seasons. It wasn't as excitng and full of thrill. I think it was just a pale imitation of the other ones. I strongly suggest that if there are going to be more beyblade seasons like this one then they should not repeat the same mistakes they have made on this here anime.


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