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In this anime, a boy meets a ghost in the older parts of his school. After a series of events, a club is formed with the secret intent of discovering the ghosts dark past. Doing so, the main character goes through many emotinal and physical hardships as he tries to work through all of the obstacles.

Story: This.... was probably one of the most emotinal anime I think I have ever seen. Around the 5th episode or so, I realized how this anime would be going out. I have seen a slightly similar anime before, yet this plot was still completely unique. I found myself weeping constantly as I came closer to the end, yet i was always needing to see more. This anime had me seriously attached to the characters.

Animation: Everything was amazing, and very smooth. The artwork was astounding, and never failed to meet expectations. There was never a choppy moment, or poorly done action. I could not have asked for better artwork.

Sound: Again, i was nothing but pleased with this anime. The music suited each scenario perfectly, especially those really sad moments, where your feelings just cease to work anymore.

Characters: Each character was great, and well thought out with their roles. The backstory for each character was well thought out and easily fits with the present part of the story. The two main characters will never fail when it comes to keeping you entertained.

Overall: Put simply, it will take quite the anime if it wants to come close to exceeding this one on my top ten list. It is definately No.1

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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