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wolfangel87 Dec 1, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

DraconAsilian Sep 29, 2007

Alright.  Rurouni Kenshin. -Spoilers ahead, I suppose-

Rant begin:

Why did they have to spoil my wonderfully serious and historical Kenshin?

After watching the prequel OVA before the series, I find myself completely digusted with the end result.  The supporting cast of characters are wholly annoying, I find a large amount of filler episodes, and my once wonderfully realistic swordplay is replaced with this fantasy-styled crap that I come to expect from inuyasha.  On top of all of this, these annoying support characters rub off on kenshin, making him annoying as well at some points.  -Annoyed-

My two cents.

DraconAsilian Sep 27, 2007

Mmmn.  Sounds like I have some new titles to add to my want to watch list.  Good thing I have these two weeks of vacation to kill.  xD

 As for the anime.. I liked it because eh.. I love the whole utopia collapse theme that seems common in fiction over the years.  Plus, it had just enough action to keep me excited, and it even inspired a new bit of writing out of me.  -Shrug-  All comes down to personal taste, I s'pose.

Haha, reading over your review and thinking back, your view does make quite a bit of sense, but eh, I'm never too overly analytical of anime.  I don't really expect a whole lot, but that's probably a result of how little I've actually seen.  Good review, though.

sothis Sep 27, 2007

Ohhhh yes, I should have recognized the proxy mask. (btw, when you reply to a comment, click 'comment back' so it shows up on the other person's profile :) otherwise they might forget they commented you and won't see your response!)

I actually haaaaaated Ergo Proxy. I fell in love with it in the beginning because of how cyberpunk and awesome it looks, but was dreadfully disappointed with how pseudo-intellectual it is. Here's my review in case you are interested, heh.

As far as intellectual stuff, I think there's a lot better titles out there such as Paranoia Agent, Kino's Journey, Haibane Renmei, Mushishi, etc.

DraconAsilian Sep 27, 2007

That is.. Ergo proxy.  I've become obsessed.  It's so stylish and haughty.  I can't help myself.  Apparently, though, by this site's standards, I've been going about this anime thing all wrong.  you're supposed to watch it?!