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Hi, my name is...unimportant; I would like to keep some degree of anonimity! I have been watching anime since I was little however, it has only been a few years since I started "seriously" watching anime.

As a kid I did not know what anime was and I watched dubbed shounen on television thinking they were normal cartoons. In the last few years I have truly become an anime fan, expanding my horizons beyond the, for the most part crappy, shounen aired on television. When I discovered that 4 Kids' dub of One Piece wasn't the only option and I could watch Funimation's dub (or even better the sub!), I became curious of other possibilities. From there I discovered the wide genre selection anime offered and the avaliabilty of shows online. Shounen, Shojo, Seinen, Horror, Romance, Harem, Fantasy, Mystery, Action, Adventure, Magical Girl, Ecchi, Drama, Slice-of-Life, Bishounen, Mecha, Supernatural; I have a taste for it all.

It is my philosophy that every anime deserves a chance, despite ratings and preconceived notions. I strive to finish all anime I start; I can decide after I finish something if I truly like it. This is because the ending to an anime can change my perspective on all previous episodes. This is not to say the ending trumps all--sometimes the journey is more important than the finale.

My goal is to watch as many anime from as many genres and years as I can. I am slowly building my catalogue of anime, but hope to have watched 10,000 episodes by the end of 2015.

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