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from the backwoods of missouri, to texas, to the left coast i now reside on a beach of lake pacifico. i like to explore the PCH 1 on my motorcycle & my road bicycle up & down the SoCal coast. i just rode 230mi from santa barbara to san diego, my longest bicycle ride yet & it was life-changing. i suck at surfing but go occasionally b/c that's what people do here. i play other sports like basketball & softball, but dodgeball has recently become my favorite. my team kicks a$$. my favorite authors are Henry Miller, Charles Bukowski, Vonnegut & Elmore Leonard. my favorite drink is a shot of Jameson and a beer... but i'm switching to maker's Manhattans for a while. my work is designing structure of buildings. i like indie rock texas rock electronica, indie films, samurai movies & anime. my goals for next year are to start MBA school, learn japanese, and win the national dodgeball championship in Vegas.

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sothis Oct 19, 2007

Cool! First of all, click "my profile" on the left to fill in your top 5 anime, bio, avatar, and other info. Then, you can click "my signature" to create a sig like you are seeing in the other forum. To fill out your anime list, just go to the alphabetical list of the anirec and select a status from each dropdown (watched, watching, etc) and a rating if you can come up with one. You can filter through all of that stuff later by clicking "my anime" on the left.

To add friends, also, theres an add or remove button at the top of each user's profile page, and an add/remove next to each comment as well. Here's Vultureman's profile, to get started! :D

sothis Oct 18, 2007

Look who I found! ^_^

Otaku108, VultureMan, Lewis16 and a bunch of others are here too. :D Need help getting things going in your profile? I can give some tips.

wolfangel87 Oct 18, 2007

and waht exactly is your name implying . . . . . ?