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from the backwoods of missouri, to texas, to the left coast i now reside on a beach of lake pacifico. i like to explore the PCH 1 on my motorcycle & my road bicycle up & down the SoCal coast. i just rode 230mi from santa barbara to san diego, my longest bicycle ride yet & it was life-changing. i suck at surfing but go occasionally b/c that's what people do here. i play other sports like basketball & softball, but dodgeball has recently become my favorite. my team kicks a$$. my favorite authors are Henry Miller, Charles Bukowski, Vonnegut & Elmore Leonard. my favorite drink is a shot of Jameson and a beer... but i'm switching to maker's Manhattans for a while. my work is designing structure of buildings. i like indie rock texas rock electronica, indie films, samurai movies & anime. my goals for next year are to start MBA school, learn japanese, and win the national dodgeball championship in Vegas.

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themasteroffools May 8, 2008

oi, long time no see >_<

seasong Mar 29, 2008

I LOVE your signature!  It is hilarious, and I like Sasuke so much more like that!  He's actually amusing! 

Xennon Jan 19, 2008

Kick ass top 5!

Looks like we have the same tastes in anime, action wise. You should really check out Blue Gende, an awesome post-apocolyptic action. You should also try Full Metal Panic, has great mech action along with comedy and romance, all in one!

Once you are done with Code Geass (first season anyway) I am sure it will knock Death Note to #6. =p

Also, question about Basilisk. I am on episode 12, does it get any better? So far I am really bored watching it, just about half of each side is wiped out and the action is mediocre.

sothis Jan 2, 2008

70 years old XD

ToiletsAfterHer Dec 8, 2007

me? having cool avatars?! BOGUS!


well they think you're cool too! i larve your comments