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Live in Davenport Iowa (Also Known as Quad Cities) for a while. Born in chicago, then moved to Cedar Rapids Iowa, and from there to the QC. Finished High school, and went to the Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago, and dropped out after a year (majoring in animation) and then went to St. Ambrose University (Majoring in Art Education) and then dropped out. Now am currently managing the Bettendorf Iowa Pizza Hut, and just taking life easy. Play FFXI on Phoenix server, character name is Bulette. Always busy with FFXI, Work, or Sleeping. Sometimes I chill with my friends, and monday is VTM & Poker night :)

I like alot of different anime, so looks like you will have to read all my recommendations :)

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Quad Cities (Davenport) Iowa

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September 16, 2007

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ormes avatar ormes


Aug 25, 2009

haha great avatar,good shot

NiteShado avatar NiteShado


Jul 31, 2007

Sup man, just wanted to drop by and say hey cause I know someone tht goes by Doug E Fresh and he goes to the Art Institute of Washington.  Just thought that was kinda weird.

Dougifresh avatar Dougifresh


Jul 25, 2007

Thank you for commenting :)

kace avatar kace

Nice Avatar!

Jul 25, 2007

Haha, awesome avatar!

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