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Konnichiwa! Welcome to my profile :3



My history with Anime

I've watched Anime since 2011, a friend of mine who I always thought was weird(due to all her random references to anime) made me succumb to watch a series with her. Of course that series was Naruto, I fell in love with that series so much that I finished it in a week. After climbing out of my marathon cave, I realised I wanted to see more.

I catched up with Shippuuden, and figured that I had to find something new to watch. I didn't want to watch a short anime because I thought it wouldn't be as fun (Yup, I've got attachment issues..).

jk.. .. .. not

So then I watched Bleach, fell in love with that too. When I finally forced my self to watch shorter series, by asking my friend for recommendations I watched Death Note. That series opened my eyes, and I realised that there were different genres in anime (lol, so much for being a newb).

I continued with Kaichou Wa Maid Sama, which Is my favourite RomCom even now. Elfen Lied which must be one of my favourite Anime ever, after Nana which I can never get out of my head. You can just guess who started to go around and make random references no one understood? Haha. Well That's basically the story of how I got into anime, and I believe I'm getting to the point where I can call my self a fanatic without being embarrassed. 

And I said I didn't have much to say.. Words.. lol


Pretending like you give a shit huh?



The most important things you need to know about me

//Pepsi can just go die! #teamcocacola

//I LOVE sweets.. and I hate to share..                                           //I'll worship anyone that feeds me!  

infinite stratos



Best this season:


Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. Zoku #1

A MUST watch... the first season before this.



Kaori Miyazono I'll never forget you!



Feel free to message me, I love to talk :3

Btw if I forget to answer, it is absolutely not on purpose! I have a tendency of forgetting things if I don't do them at once, which I almost never do.. So please do pester me!

If you don't I'll be watching you >:D

.. if I remember to..  

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malwizard says...

It's okay haha my replies are often late too. And well Great Teacher Onizuka is up there and really and Samurai Champloo, Claymore, Full metal are a few. I'm currently watching Gangsta which i'm enjoying. What about your favourite anime? 

Aug 12, 2015
malwizard says...

Hi :) Entertaining profile! I like your taste ^.^

Jul 19, 2015
prigon says...

Nothing to feel sorry about 

I am currently watching naruto fairy tail Conan and black lagoon

Jun 5, 2015
KuroBladez says...

Where is over here if you don't mind me asking?Yeah that was amazing! Haha I was just like you then! xD Suna is awesome. I actually got a friend of mine to start watching it and we watched it together and he really liked it. It's his first rom/com shojou anime ^^ OMG have you seen episode 9? I was crying! It was so emotional! I love this anime! 

Haha don't worry I think it's a good thing! I know what you mean xD Wow we really are similar! :O When the soundtrack fits the scene and it's emotional it just a beautiful thing to see and hear! Probably the main reason I love Slice-of-Life anime :D Wow you really do sound hyper lol and I cried a lot when Mufasa died! ;-;

I think with its latest episode it might have just made my list lol xD

You know what was funnier? When he was lying on the floor and Komachi was trying to imitate him! That was hilarious! When he remembered it kinda reminded me of Chuunibyou lol ^^ 

Haha yeah just like that! An anime bible hahaha xD Oh yeah same here infact I kinda wish I could be more like him, well I guess I can be right now but when season one was ongoing I was like "I need to learn the Hikkigaya way!" :D 

Exactly! My wall of quotes needs more Hikki! Oh and seems like episode 10 is out! Time to go watch it!

Oh and sorry for the late reply, I was just a bit busy with college work and stuff ^^;

Jun 4, 2015
GinTheGrin says...

Haha! You sound exactly like me. I too never leave anything unfinished. I don't think I've ever dropped any anime so far. Well, I'm currently stalling SAO II. But I'm sure I'll complete it as soon as I get some time. There's not much left, only 4-5 episodes, I think.

Yeah, I get it. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Yes, I was talking about the EU. By the way, EU is definitely smaller than Canada. Smaller than even half the area of Canada. Also, Europe is just marginally larger than Canada. And that's because Russia is not a part of Europe. At least not the whole Russia, only a small part of it is included in Europe. Haha! Don't worry, you can't be good at everything, right?

Of course you should be feeling better. Europe is the best continent to live in, at least that's what I believe. Yeah, I should better start saving up for that trip. Oh wait, I've not started earning anything yet! Looks like I'll have to wait for that trip a little longer. 

It's cleanest in the way that there is no garbage anywhere. People do consider about the environment before littering. I checked many lists, although it may not be the cleanest country, it's definitely in the Top 5. Thanks to Switzerland, Sweden No, I don't think that's even remotely true! That would be China and USA. And also India, up to a certain extent. Hey, you should learn more about your country! It's such a nice place and you can't even appreciate its beauty. Yeah, you should feel lucky! It's easy to take everything for granted unless you see the conditions in other parts of the world. 

Oh, yes, Asia is diverse. But what I meant was the ratio of diversity to area, which is where Europe scores a lot better than Asia because of the huge size of this continent. Japan is actually at the top in the countries I'd like the most to travel! Canada was second, by the way. :D

Oh, I remember you asked me about the normal temperature in India. Sorry, I forgot to answer it the last time. Okay, so the average temperature in summer where I lived is 32°C-25°C (high-low), and in winter it is 31°C-18°C (high-low). Doesn't seem that bad, does it? Actually temperature is not really the biggest problem, it's the humidity which is usually between 70 (winter) and 85 (summer). It is unbearable! Sometimes you're even sweating while taking a shower! Can you imagine that? :O

How is India like? It's also pretty diverse culturally. There are so many languages and dialects spoken here that some might not have been recorded yet. But it is a big country, with the second largest population. So it's crowded everywhere. The cleanliness isn't taken very seriously. Because of the large population there is a huge competition everywhere. There are some great places to travel to. Oh yeah, and it is very cheap! I've realized this once I'm here in Canada. I'm sure when people from EU or Americas visit India they would all be thinking why is everything so cheap, it's basically free! Well, it's still a developing country, so all these things are pretty much expected. :)

Sudanese ambassador! Don't you have to be a Sudanese citizen first to become an ambassador? Haha! It's not annoying at all. I'm sure they would be happy to help you out by taking your pictures. After all, it's a great responsibility. If they take a great picture you'd always remember that person. If not then at least you didn't pay anything for it. :D

Jun 4, 2015