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durarara and Baccano!

10 DEC

Ok... i have already watched durarara and baccanao before but i just had to watch it again they are just both great anime i love them. All of the characters fit the story so perfectly and if even one of the main or secondary characters were taken away from the plot the shows would not be the same. but i have to say i like durarara more than baccanao mostly because i like more characters in durarara and also in baccano the plot line is so fast and if you miss something it can get really confusing and also how the time lines keeps on going back and forth so it gets hard to keep track but i guess that’s part of the charm too.
From baccanao my favourite characters are Isaac DIAN and Miria HARVENT because they bring lighter and funnier side to the show  and from durarara Izaya ORIHARA and Shizuo HEIWAJIMA. I love shizuo because even though he hates violence he just can’t help getting into fights and the only thing that he wants is to get strong enough that he can control his angry and I love how he just completely freaks out whenever izaya is in Ikebukuro.
Well my love for izaya is a bit more complicated at first I hated him his twisted mind and the way he acted just made me immediately  hate him but then I learned to like the way his twisted mind worked and throughout the series he keep on doing things that made me love him and then hate him so to this day I can’t say if I love him or hate him but he still has to be counted as one of my favourites.

so how about you who are your fave characters and why?

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