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Accel World

Jan 30, 2013

Story: Amazing story that keeps you interested the whole way until the last arc which is bogged down by filler and being drawn out a bit too long. This score may increase or decrease in the future depending on if they animate the rest of the light novel series or not.

Animation: Absolutely top notch, Very polished and appealing, the people who animated this put a LOT of work into it and had a pretty nice budget for it.

Sound: I can honestly say this anime's soundtrack is one of the best out there, it's very effective in enhancing the mood of the anime as a whole. Children's Domain being my favorite song from the OST.

Characters: Aside from the main character everything is very well done in this category however you'll find yourself on many occasions annoyed the main character or even outright hating the way he is.

Overall: This is one hell of an anime with a few common issues that weigh it down. They stop the anime at an okay place to stop for a pause till the next season but there are no statements or evidence that there will be another season and this first season is basically a prologue of the actual story told in the light novel series.

7/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Kaijo Sep 29, 2013

Sidd, you need to watch more, and consider the implications. Due to accelerated time, Black Snow Princess is mentally much older, and values things a bit differently than normal girls. All she used to yearn for, was speed and power in the Accelerated world. She was first drawn to Haru because he was already mentally much faster than her. Girls don't fall for physical traits like guys do... they tend to be drawn to more emotional and mental ones. She began to love him when she realized how good he was, much in the same way that a normal girl would love a football player. They see the power and are drawn to that. Combine that with jealousy (the possibility of losing someone to another character) and a life-or-death situation, and you have the ingredients for what followed.

In my view, it may have happened a bit too fast, as I would have preferred it to be drawn out a big longer. But since so many anime already draw the initial attraction out much too long, and take 26 eps or more to even get the characters around to "I love you" well... I think I prefer this one at least for the uniqueness, if nothing else.

Siddyus Sep 4, 2013

I dont think the story is that good. Im only at the 2nd episode, but it feels like the plot is all over the place. The one thing that really bothers me is, out of nowhere the campus hottie would fall for some unknown fatso, just because he was caught staring at her? I think they should have made their first encounter a little bit more interesting. It happened too quickly... 5-6/10 is my score for now. 

As for the rest I do agree, except for the sounds. I didn't really like the ED/OP.