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Josh's lists: Anime with great fight scenes.

Numbers represent anime of anime on list from top to bottom beginning at 1. I am only listing anime that have fluid and well done fight scenes, not the kind of fights like you see in DBZ or something. 1. This whole series will having you jizzing and shitting bricks all over the place. Prepare to spend hours cleaning jizz and brick shit off the walls and ceiling... Yes, it's that awesome. 2. There are a lot of nice fights. My personal favorite is Ed vs Greed. 3. Only one thing I can say without spoiling anything... Kagura... 4. Whether you like this series or not, there is no denying that this anime has some really well done and fluid fight scenes. 5. Same goes for Naruto Shippuden. You may not like it but it has plenty of very well done fights. 6. My favorite fight in this is the choreographed fight against the double core angel. 7. This anime has some really well done fights as well. I like their often unique use of their power. 8. Fight against the blind lady was so badass. 9. There are plenty of really badass gun fights in this classic anime. This is not an exhaustive list but it's a list of the ones that come to mind that I really liked fight scenes in.


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