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Anime that got my heart racing.

With Roberta's Blood Trail expect to be thinking and/or saying "Holy ****ing shit! O___O;" a whole lot. Gintama is on this list for a single fight! It's that awesome. The fight where Kagura snaps is amazing not only in action but also in it's...

Anime that have made me tear up. (not an easy feat)

Elfen Lied got me several times and Black Lagoon: Second Barrage got me with Gretel & Hansel Mainly the part where the one wants to "thank" Rock. I damn near cried. I won't spoil it for those who have yet to have seen it but though It's action...

Anime that made me actually cry (most to least from top to bottom)

Angel Beats!: This anime had me crying the most by a long shot. Maybe it's because it hit home with it's ending. I've had to give a lot up in my life that I held very dear so it may have gotten to me more than it would most but none the less, I...

►►Good Anime That Will Have You: Saying "WHAT THE HELL!?""◄◄

These are in no certain order but all highly recommended.