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The road didn't end afterall.


I, on a whim, decided to watch Spice and Wolf yesterday. I'd seen it a dozen times in recommendations here and in the top 20 on AnimeDB for most of my favorite genres and tags but I just always thought it didn't seem to look that interesting. I was wrong though... Spice and Wolf and Spice and Wolf 2 are both exceptional anime. I never thought an anime that centers around merchants trading would be so god damn amazing. The characters are very refreshing after seeing so many anime with the same stereo typical charicters. Wolf is somewhat like a few other anime characters I've seen but still unique in many aspects of her relationships with others. Not to mention it has some of the absolute sweetest moments I've seen in any romance anime or manga. I still find it suprising that I can be on the edge of my seat over peddling on an anime. Good times... Good times. Anyway, just as I had given up hope for an anime to reel me back in I came across Spice and Wolf and now I feel renewed and ready to watch more anime. If I over looked this anime, which is among the most interesting I've seen, who knows how many others I'm still overlooking!

Spice and Wolf


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