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Ok... very first of all.... the Whole anime story was ok.... but the ending? What the hell with all that incest? Its not right, its not good.... ok its good (for pervs) (like me ^^ (the good side, the good side) but still......alright...

the anime was about a guy that is like a legend of his school in kinda bad way.. nobody hates him but everybody knows an urban legend about Geno killer witch was created by his friends, etc, etc, etc.....

So one day a new student comes too school, a girl..... and that guy, i dont know, maby misunderstood or smtah and kissed her, stole her first kiss.... So she starts to hate him, but she kinda falls in love with him..... but hates him, HATES HIM.... Oh and she is his fiance... and must live with him....

^^ end of episode 1

So the anime is good but the ending and the whlode love story with the sister... ruined

7.5/10... if you have something else to watch, dont drop this for it, but still, when you have freee time, watch this.

7.5/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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RazorAce Sep 12, 2010

The last few episodes did hint at the fact that Minato might not be Junichi's sister (by blood). From that perspective, I think the plot was well considered and not to bad.

What I found lacking was its attempt at comedy/serious moments. In retrospect it might not seem that poorly made (as I watched quite high quality stuff just before watching this, so might be a little biased at the time) but my first impressions were: "Totally awkward character development, character design, aesthetically, did not match their personalities and some movements/animation sequences are quite rigid."

Talix Jan 10, 2010

Agreed, Junichi pairing up with his sister kinda destroyed the story... And Yuuhi seemed like a much deeper character, tsundere as she is.

Gave it 2,5/5    -    However, I think that if I played the visual Novel, I'd give higher ;)