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Hey ya'll!

Well, I'm just an amateur anime watcher, I'm new here, and I hope I'll have the chance to enjoy my stay here. (this was written 6 years ago, now I'm not so new lol)

My Top 5 Anime (outdated)

  1. Gunslinger Girl
  2. Death Note
  3. Cromartie High School
  4. Elfen Lied
  5. Planetes

I could say Gunslinger Girl kinda dragged me into this, as it was one of my first japanese animation experience. So it'll always stay as my favorite and special anime. After GG titles like Serial Experiments Lain, Paranoia Agent, Elfen Lied and then later Death Note completely made me a fan of this genre. If you haven't seen any of these.. lucky you!

I follow my simple how-much-was-I-entertained rating system. So if I gave Monster, for example, a low score it doesn't mean I think it's a bad anime. It's good, but I found it too slow, didn't like the ending, or any other elements which drags my entertainment level down decides how many stars it'll get. So basically my thoughts after I finish a show are more or less as follows:

3.5 and up - from good to very good, entertaining watch.
3 - average, ok.
2.5 - just plain mediocre.
2 and less - from bad to worst.

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sothis says...

Just accidentally triggered a bug, you'll need to remark this as watched - apologies for the inconvenience

Jan 24, 2011
Otaku108 says...

yea, if you've been here for 2 years now I don't think you can legally keep that bio anymore xP write up a new one already! xD

Jan 24, 2011
shinigamidono says...

hehe. can't i think. i got special permission for the time being (I put them on and sothis said we don't allow it but i randomly decided to just leave yours there) :P I think they will be allowing it in the future

Jan 16, 2011
AironicallyHuman says...

Sorry for taking so long to respond to such a short message. Another person has an annoying tendency to draw lengthy messages out of me, and I still haven't used AP too much. I'm more of a MAL user.

Cheers for agreeing with my views on my taste, I guess? I've edited my ratings many times over the years; dropping a few scores as recently as yesterday. And that, I think, has resulted in a pretty accurate grading system. The more experienced I became, the harsher I became - it's a natural process.

Too be honest, Gankutsuou wasn't a 10/10 for me until after the halfway point. Until then, it'd been more 8/10; everything being build-up. And Albert annoyed the shit out of me with his constant stupidity. But, due to a combination of the unique and wonderful visuals and anticipation for one everything would fall into place, I kept going, and eventually I was paid in full by episode 18 - a mecha duel that left me in awe and toyed with my emotions. (The irony is, EP18 is where the anime fully diversed from the novel.)

After reading the novel, I realized that Dantes was only half the character in the anime and the best section of the story got cut. But, viewed on its own, I still think Gankutsuou is a compelling story of the deepest-rooted desire for revenge ever.

Most people on forums say they 10'd it, and few low score it/describe it as boring. You could very well be in the minority but, if you haven't, you should at least see it through to the end.

(You give out too many top scores for my tastes, btw.)

Nov 29, 2010
AikoChan says...

Ne :DD

Siaip idomu :P

Nov 17, 2010