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arc666 Sep 29, 2008

Ok i wanted all my little things to be from Rosario+vampire since the manga was so good and in my oppinion youre sig was the best.

wolflw Sep 29, 2008

I'll see about it. You went last year, I take it?

AS stated - less spare time, less anime. Sad but true D: I got to finish ToHeart a couple of days ago, but asides from that I still haven't watched anything since the middle of August. Glad to hear you're making progress, tohugh. Even if it means my lead is shrinking by the day... I've also got loads of unseen anime waiting, but 150 would be more than what I've got. I do have an external HDD with 1TB reserved for anime only, though (currently aprox 500 GB on it).

As for recommandations I would usually recommend anything rated 4 stars and above in my "watched" list, depending on your taste. Lately I've seen a lot of quite sad but in my oppinion great anime such as Saikano and Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien, and I recommend them both. If you want some classical romance I'd say Clannad and Kanon is worth a watch. I also finished the enjoyable Mnemosyne a while ago, a great watch if you want something a little different. If you tell me what you're looking for I might be able to help you better the next time I log on.

wolflw Sep 21, 2008

Hehe, I'm not going to blame you for doing that, and I might consider getting a MAL profile if AP doesn't sort things out. Bur for now I'm going to be pretty inactive anyway, so I'll give the site some more time and hope they fix all the short-commings. Never joined for the forum, either (I've got animeb for that).

I haven't attended TG since 06. Just haven't found the time nor companions to go with. I'd really like to go this year, though, but I sincerely doubt I'll get any time off to make it. :(

wolflw Sep 20, 2008

Seriously, it's pretty useless when other people can't watch my anime list nor top 5 anime... And the "want to watch" list would also be pretty useless without access to it... Same goes for "watching", really - I ain't got the time nor patience to update it through each individual anime...

As stated I haven't watched anything much for months, but I did see ef some time ago, it was quite good. I'll see into Koi Kaze.

wolflw Sep 20, 2008

Hi there, it's been a while indeed. I'm currently enrolled in the army, and thus haven't got all that much online time (Haven't watched anime in 5 weeks T_T) And now finally the new site is up, looks good! But I still haven't figured how I manage my anime? :S Could you offer any help? How do I watch my anime list, want to watch list etc?