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wolflw says...

Never mind late replies; I'm not very much online myself these days.

As I said - you probably will if you want to :) Good luck, anyways - anything special you want to try for?

I didn't find Kanon all that sad either, and the saddest part, in my opinion, is Makoto D: The Clannad series feels kind of the same way, but if you watch the movie (by some other studio than the anime series) it has a different and bit sad ending.

Glad you liked it anyways (same score as me, I can see), as I said both Air and Clannad are quite similiar. I've gotten to episode 12 of Fate/stay Night, and I really like what I'm seing - recommended so far.

Oct 25, 2008
wolflw says...

It's allright, I guess. Not a great laugh all the time, but mostly interesting and at times pretty fun.

Figuring the exact odds for you getting in would be a little too much to ask from me... But if you're motivated, in at least average physical shape with no major deceases or illnesses and not too poor eyesight you should make it. Depends a lot on what you plan to do as well, if you're aiming for an education in Forsvaret you might wanna go Befalsskolen, and then you need better physical health than for Førstegangstjenesten. Førstegangstjenesten is mandatory, yes. You can also try to get into Krigsskolen if you want a real education (that's 4 years).

Yeah, a Mnemosyne episode lasts for approx. 45 minutes, that's twice as long as the average anime.

You've got a holliday now? Sounds neat, could need one of those... I really haven't got the time to watch much these days either... But I'm enjoying what I've seen of Fate/Stay Night, and I look forward to see the rest :)

Oct 12, 2008
wolflw says...

I've got multiple computers(including a laptop with a 40GB HD, not much anime would fit in there...), and really enjoy being able to move my anime between them or simply bringing my entire anime collection with me when I go somewhere. Therefore - external HDD = luvz.

I think I liked Kanon 2006 better than Clannad, but I'm not quite sure - they're both great, though. Defeneatly worth a watch. Mnemosyne is kind of weird and, in my opinion, requires quite a bit of thinking to be enjoyable.

Oct 5, 2008
SupahEspecial says...

Hehe thats cool ^^. Actually Love Hina was the first anime i watched too so a litle more in comun xD

And Golden Boy omg hilarious...the scene i still remember from there is in the second or third ep when he receives "the treatment".

Sep 29, 2008
SupahEspecial says...

OMG THE AVATAR! THE GREAT ONIZUKA! I bow to u ^^ great avatar (in case u didnt noticed in the first part) =P

Sep 29, 2008