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wolflw Nov 29, 2008

Lol, sounds kind of confusing :P It's not like Mnemosyne is all that understandable all the time to begin with. I also dl'd it from two different subbers - the first one suddenly gave up halfway through when it was still airing in Japan.

I agree on Chobits having quite a nice end - it's a pretty good series all the way, and way better than I thought it would be.

I decided to start watchin Haibane Renmei instead of Kurenai, but I might start watching it when I finish Haibane (I'm on ep 11 og 13 now, so shouldn't be that long.) Unfortunately I'll be on a field excercise all next week, and won't be close to a computer at it all D:

wolflw Nov 23, 2008

It's tentamen time, I presume? That's one thing I don't have to worry about, at least ;)

Nothing much happening in The Army lately either. Had a pretty decent week-end with LAN gaming (AoE2, AoM and BF2, mostly), anime and movies. We've got a field excercise comming up soon, but this week looks pretty relaxed. Mnemosyne is a good choice - I've just watched some Naruto and finished Kyouran Kazoku Nikki.

I agree it's nothing much to write about right now, but let's try and stay in touch non the less ;)

wolflw Nov 18, 2008

Let's hope you'll get a good grade, then.

Systemoperatør seems quite cool, but I don't know anyone who is it, so can't tell for sure. It's probably a good way to get both BS and something a bit more... usefull ;) Seems like a good thing if you want further education in Forsvaret as well...

Well, good grades from VGS don't really guarante me anything... It's the university part that'll do that, methinks. But - it does improve my chances to get into a good uni.

I'm allowed to have a laptop computer in the army, but only after the first 2 months of "rekrutten". Still don't have all that much spare-time, though. I think I'll start Kurenai next week-end :)

wolflw Nov 16, 2008

Well, good luck with that, then (it might already be past "next Thursday, right? If so - how was it?) Sorry for late reply, I've been on a field excercise all week, far away from computers.

I'll just keep on presuming that my long time to submit answers have resulted in the army info meeting at your school also being over with; did you get any new ideas or answers to your questions there? The sesjon is also a good place to ask some questions, but sometimes they're in a rush and don't really pay much attention... Make sure you've figured out what you want to ask in advance :)

I've got pretty good grades, yeah. But still - that doesn't help me much when I'm not at it all sure what I want to do ;P

Anime; I just finished Fate/Stay Night and Wagaya no Oinari-sama. Fate was quite good, pretty much as expected - recommended if you like a little drama and action. I watched Chobits last summer - not my favourite shown but quite entertaining non the less. I tihnk I'll start watching Kurenai soon, seems like a good show.

wolflw Nov 9, 2008

Hehe, done a couple of those myself, among others on Amalie Skram and Jo Nesbø. How did it turn out?

When I say if you wanna try for anything special I'm pretty much asking what kind of army education you're considering, and in what part of Forsvaret (like, do you want to become a jeger, pilot, medic etc.) It's lots n' lots of options in Forsvaret!

I'm planing to finish førstegangstjenesten, and then maybe a year in intops, otherwise I'll start studying, probably to be a doctor in Oslo or civil engineer in Trondheim. Your plans sound pretty neat, though :)