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wolflw says...

Sounds like an acceptable arrangement ;) I'm not too much of a Christmas person myself, but it's often nice to visit some relatives I rarely see otherwise etc. "Sengetrekk" = bed sheet, I imagine.

Yeah, but he started out as a systemoperatør and then went through some additional courses. Further within reach than being a pilot, which requires 5 years of training and an additional 12 years of "pliktår", anyway.

So, seen any good anime lately? I'm catchin up on some Naruto myself. Quite mind-numbing stuff, methinks... -.-

Dec 22, 2008
wolflw says...

Sounds neat. Some of my friends have got exams comming up monday, I'm leaning back and laughing at them :p I think you'll usually attend sesjon pretty quickly after turning 18 (at least that's how it was for me). But I think it's lees than a year since I went there. I spoke to a systemoperatør a couple of weeks ago, btw - he was co-pilot on the Air Force's Bell 412 helicopters, sounded pretty sweet :o

Well, I've found out that being in the army makes me wish for nearly nothing, as I don't really get to see all the stuff I can wish for... So I mostly want some games, and practical stuff like warm socks and gloves for the winter. Kind of boring, I know...

Dec 20, 2008
wolflw says...

Glad to hear that you're satisfied with your new monitor :) It sounds pretty awesome.

During the last three weeks I've completed a field excercise, done some maintenance on my equipment and now I've got leave till January 5th :D Finally home!

I read Angels and Deamons some years ago, when the Dan Brown hysteria first appeared in Norway. It's quite entertaining, but I'm careful to call it a great read... What do you make of it? I've just read One Piece to vol 7, and never bothered to watch the anime (just doesnt seem like my kind of series).I just bougth the Ken Akamatsu manga Mao-chan today, looking forward to reading it.

Dec 20, 2008
wolflw says...

Too bad your monitor broke, but at least it seems you're gonna get a pretty good replacement ;)

I've devoted myself to anime this week-end, and finished H2O - footprints in the sand and started ICE. H2O turned out to be better than expected, but still a rather average romance.

Soon Christmas, now! :D

Dec 7, 2008
wolflw says...

I enjoyed Haibane - it's a rather quiet and peaceful slice-of-life-ish anime, although it has some drama in the end. And you do seem to enjoy dl'ing more than watching anime at times :p

Sounds good - everybody needs a little money from time to time ^_^ Wish you all the best with the job.

I've played the demo for Mirror's edge, and it seemed really good. It's on my "games I have to play when I get home for Christmas"-list ;) Other games I really wanna play are Fallout 3, Dead Space, Red Alert 3 and Valkyrien Chronicles.

As you note I'm a PS3-guy, and thus not too interested in 360 RPGs, but I've heard some good things about Fable 2, and I've played Fable on the PC.

I might bring a PS3 up here in January, but for now I've got my PS3 back home in Oslo. And I do go home on perm, but I've only had 8 days of perm from August 13. till now, and I also need to squeeze in family, friends, etc. in that time, thus not giving me a lot of time to game :(

Nov 30, 2008