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wolflw Jan 22, 2009

Sorry for late reply, I've had my hands pretty full.

I finished ef a couple of days ago, and I'll have to say it's one of the best romance I've seen in quite a while.

Has the same problem as you trying to turn my day back, but being kicked out of bed by angry officers at 05.30 made it easier, perhaps ;)

And I'm back at the barracks, yes. Not a bad thing in itself, but we've got some not that pleasant field excercises comming up -.-;; "Vinterøvelser"

Lost Odyssey's that good, eyh? O.o Never played it myself... Sounds a bit over the edge to skip sleep entirely for it, though :P


wolflw Jan 2, 2009

Sounds like the smart thing to do, writing it in notepad... It's pretty darn annoying to lose a long post at least.


I'm acctually dl'ing Monster right now, got it recommended from a guy in my platoon. But as you say - it's 74 episodes, so both downloading and watching it will take quite some time...


yeah, I'll get back to you on ef, haven't watched any more since we last spoke.

wolflw Dec 30, 2008

I could've sworn I posted a reply for you a couple of days ago... O.o Well - here goes again.


If you're having trouble finding anime torrents I'm getting pretty crafty at it - took me some 40 seconds to find 3 places I could download all the episodes of ef - a takle of melodies. ;) I just finished Popotan, and looking forward to moving on to something better (probably ef-memories).


I think PS3 and 360 are pretty comparable in price now, at least if you concider what you get. It's at least a hell lot cheaper than when I got it at launch (5995 NOK). Won't push it anyway, people should decide what to game themselves :)


Meh, as I said - haven't really enjoyed Naruto for several years now, and even though it's only 20 min a week it's still a little wasted...


I just realized! You must go see Azumanga Daioh, silly! :o

wolflw Dec 27, 2008

I didn't even know a demo was released :o Anyway - PS3 will always be better than 360 :p But RE5 sounds awesome, really looking forward to it!


Hehe, well it might be kind of spoiler-ish, but I sincerely doubt you got even half the stuff they said, so the story's probably not ruined... And I really think Naruto's taking it too far with the Akatsuki - they're way overpowered. I don't like the chackra nature thing either - especially not the weak vs some, strong vs another thing - that's for Pokemon :\ But I really haven't enjoyed Naruto since the Chunin exam-arc... Think I'll drop it soon.


Sounds good to get everything one's wishing for ;) I got some games and some money, pretty fat loot if you ask me...

wolflw Dec 23, 2008

Too bad you decided to drop Mnemosyne, but it's not really a show for everybody so I guess it's fine :) Don't really agree with you in naruto being really good lately, but whatever :P

I'm a fan of the Resident Evil games, and I've watched the movies, but think they kind of suck big time... Looking forward to RE5, the frica setting looks kewl.

Never heard of Someday's Dreamer before, but looking it up now it seems really interesting, and I really like the art work. I might really give it a try if I can find it anywhere. I just started watching Popotan myself - it's not worth it, quite boring and weird. I think I'll finish it quickly and move on to something I suspect to be better like Kurenai or ef - a tale of memories.

Marinejeger is quite hard, but I believe Hærens Jegerkommando to be even harder. Both of them anyway require joining the army for some 5 years, and secret intops missions etc. Jagerflypilot requres pretty much the same as every pilot in the Air Force; it's easier than being a jeger, but you'll have to join the Forsvaret for 17 years.

God jul til deg også :)