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wolflw Feb 27, 2009

Yeah, I believe Fjernoppklaring to be quite hard, but oif you're looking for a challenge it might be an option. As for other things you might apply for during førstegangstjenesten Fallskjermjeger would probably be among the hardest. Look into it at Anything called "jeger" is pretty hard - you could look into art.jeger ( and grensejeger ( during førstegangstjenesten


Most of the special forces would require you to go intops. I know a few people who's gone intops and some of the people in my platoon has applied to go abroad. I think it's an excperience of a lifetime, but you'll have to be motivated and willing.


I just finished Lain, it was quite good, but I prefer Dennou Coil (they're quite similiar)


wolflw Feb 18, 2009

Hi and sorry for a rather late reply - I've spent the last couple of weeks away from my barracks and any decent internet connection.


Too bad about your flat-footedness. But believe in me - walking problems you might never notice in your normal life will often become painfully oibvious when you join the Army. Some of the people in my platoon experience quite large problems with their feet. You should also take note that many of the special forces (jeger, oppklaring etc.) have a service that's much harder than the joining requirements. If you want a real challenge IntOps or something in the line of fjernoppklaring ( might prove interesting...


I'm not wahtcing anything these days. Tried to watch Akane Maniax, but it turned out to be totally sucky so i dropped it. What about you?

wolflw Jan 26, 2009

Well, the original TV-airing did not show the episodes in chronological order, but the DVD did. Read:


Yeah, I've had it on my computer for quite a while, and i thought it was about time to watch it.

wolflw Jan 24, 2009

From what I've heard only approxemately 1/3 of all vernepliktige males as old as me serves førstegangstjenesten. So some people may not serve even if they want to (that's the case with a couple of my friends) Then again - some are just lazy and want to skip it.


Weapons would usually be a problem, though - as of now I don't know a single part of the army where you're not required to fire guns. Even medics are riflemen first, then medical personell. (I've got both a SMG and a pistol for "self-defence")

I agree "siviltjeneste" to be the lamest form of service ever ;)


I think Haruhi's great ^^ How are you watching it? As the original TV-airing or the DVD-release?

I'm watchin Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, quite good thus far (ep. 5)


wolflw Jan 22, 2009

Well, that's more than what I can do :p But I am rather lazy, after all... I'd say the 3000 meter would be your biggest drawback. Swimming is usually 200 meters, but it's no timelimit so as long you controll the fine art of floating you'll make it ;)

I'm in the 6th Div./Brig.N. Medical Battalion (Sanitetsbataljonen - SANBN:;jsessionid=IECMCSECZE31PQFIZYGSFEQ?_requestid=115927), as a medic and truck driver (vognfører) on a mobile field hopital (SHKP: Not the hardest service ever, one might say ;)

Sounds like a fairly cheap deal... Never bought Devil may Cry4 myself, but I've played a bit of it at a friend's.