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wolflw says...

Well, then you know it's a good place to be. Wish you all the best with moving and stuff. Where in Oslo are you moving? I'm on the quite opposite side of Thorshov myself...


And I'm back in the army now. Been here 6 days now, but it's been rather relaxed. Hope school's good.


Well, you might concider labeling it, then ;)



Apr 18, 2009
wolflw says...

I'll have to say - Karin's a lot better than first expected! It has this marvelous mix of drama and humor making sure it's never too serious but no the oposite either. Me likes!


Still looking good. I'll have to ask - is that a bottle of liquer on your desk? Sure looks like it :p Would imagine keyboards etc. are hard to make with all the small details and stuff. Looks like you've managed quite nicely though.


I live in Oslo now with my family(though I spend most of my time in Troms), but I plan on going to NTNU in Trondheim to study and that's where I'm looking for a place to live so I'll be moving cities next year. Oslo's an awesome city though, you should look forward to living here ;) Lot's of pretty good anime/manga related stuff like Outland, NeoTokyo, Animeaften og Mangakafee, as well as Soracon and Desucon. Wonder how that will work out in Trondheim - at least I know it's an Outland up there.

Apr 12, 2009
wolflw says...

Me neither :o maybe I've gotten too old, don't recall getting any the past few years either. Vacation's good enough for me, though ;)


Slam Dunk would be that basketball anime? Heard some good about it, but it really doesn't seem like my kind of show so I haven't bothered.


I'll have to say you're quite skilled at 3D. Much better than anything I can come up with, that's for sure! What kind of programs do you use? And if it's what you hope to do for a living I guess it makes sense that you're good at it ;) Still think it's awesome - post some more if you make any (some anime-related would be neat :P).


I'm looking for a flat to move into when I start studying next year. Stuff's rather expensive O.o Otherwise I'm just relaxing and having a good time with friends and family before returning to the army.

Apr 11, 2009
wolflw says...

Been a while, yeah. Sounds sweet with some more anime-space, no way one can have too much of that.


Dunno how they do the inkallinger, really. That's like 4000 levels above me ;) Just wait and see, I'm surte it'll sort itself out...


I haven't watched much lately. Finished Zero no Tsukaima some days ago and started Karin. I'm also watching Monster, but with slow progress.


In other news the NATO excercise Cold Response 09 ended a week ago. Probably the best excercise as of yet. Now I've got leave comming up in the end of the week, looking forward to it!

Mar 31, 2009
wolflw says...

You're welcome. Don't hesitate to ask if it's anything you're wondering about I might know.


Good luck waiting, then. I heard on the radio that Vernepliktsverket shipped all the inkallinger some days ago, and that every candidate for military service in 2009 should recieve them by the end of March.


I've heard about many of those army books, but never reallt bothered to read any of them :p Fremmedlegionen would be the French, no?


I had a real urge to see some "real" anime for some time now, so I started the second season of Zero no Tsukaima a week ago, and it's enjoyable :)

Mar 8, 2009