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wolflw Oct 2, 2009


Glad to see you came safely through it, then. Rekrutten is a hard time, but it's often the most memorable one as well. It takes a little to get used to the ways of the Army, it's a whole different world, at least it seemed like that to me... If it's one thing a actually miss it would have to be the food, it's free, plentiful and mostly good. What mountain did you climb? (I have some local knowledge of the region, you know :P).

Our "beretløp" lasted for some 3 days and consisted of many things, among them TASS, gjørmeløype, nærkamp, raponering, svømming, etc, but we never carried any rocks. Beretløpet differs greatly from battalion to battalion and also there's often differences between the companies. I can assure you our was quite tough as well ;)

Glad to see you home and with a shiny new beret, anyways.

I've gotten more used to being a student since the last time we spoke. My first two years consists nearly exclusively  of math, physics and some programming, so it might be too many numbers at times... I think it'll turn out good, though :)

Good luck with fagperioden. Remember - always apply for Vognfører if possible :P

wolflw Aug 15, 2009

I think it'll turn out good. It's been a while since I did any math, though... But hopefully it'll come back soon enough...

Good luck then :D I remember my first days; everything was so new and strange... You'll get lots of chances to work out in the army, no worries. I just started ToHeart2, figured I had to se the second season as well. Think I'll have to watch Haruhi 2, Wolf and Spice 2 and Minami-ke okawari soon too...

As usual it looks really good :) I'm supposed to do a project around 3D images of building soon, looking forward to it.

wolflw Aug 2, 2009

Hi and sorry for late reply. I'm starting university soon, and thus had to move to another city leaving my with some busy weeks. Just found out this place has really kick-ass internet though; between 20 and 30 mb/s dl and over 10 mb/s upload :D I know the problem with wireless network connections all to well... If a cable isn't too much hassle I'd go for it. Otherwise you can consider getting a really strong router.

I'm done in the army, yeah. At least for now, maybe I'll look into som intops or something, but that's in the future. Now I'm gonna be a student again. Looking forward to it. Hope you'll get a great army time. Heggelia and SBBN are not as bad as it gets. If you're ever in Setermoen go check out Kasserne Lahaugmoen in Kavalerileiren. Best barracks ever!

I've just finished Chaos Head and Toaru Majutsu. Not sure what I'm starting next. Lots of interesting on-going shows these days...

wolflw Jun 22, 2009

Sorry for late reply, I've soon finished my service and the last couple of weeks have been hectic.


I hope all your exams went well. I've just finished 3 exams myself, and I think i failed at least 2 of them. No worries though, they don't really matter in civilian life.


Never seen anything of FMA, but I'm planing on reading at least some of the manga (as far as it's been published in Norwegian at least).I'm watching Chaos Head and Toaru Majitsu no Index myself, but with very slow progress. Both are pretty good, though.


Yeah, you never loose anything from trying, at least not in the Army. TMBN is quite a lot easier than KJK as well. Most people will be able to join if they want to.


I think SBBN might be interessting. Some of the companies and platoon might be harder than other, i really don't know ;)


5 Dager Til Dimming! (DTD)



wolflw May 31, 2009

No problem, I've been quite busy myself lately. Military service soon over, but first it's mønstring -.-;;

As for anime I've finished Clannad After Story, quite beautifull and a worthy succeder of the excellent Clannad. You should really watch both. Now I've started Toaru Majutsu no Index and Chaos Head. Both seem promising.

I'll be quite frank with you - KJK or anything "jeger" related is usually excruciatingly difficult. And having a small misadjustment walking now will make the world when you're matching 60km a day with a 30 kg backpack, weapon and full combat gear.

SBBN is a way more normal service. I don't really know anyone serving there, but I've met qutie a few sambandssoldater during excercises and I've been to their base at Heggelia in Bardufoss. Most of them seem to have an OK service, although I doubt they're the very elite ;) But I'm really not one to talk myself... If you want to go IntOps the most sought after personell is usually samband(SBBN), sanitet(SANBN) and ingeniører(INGBN), as these functions are nearly allways needed in any armed operation.

Not to burst your bubble, but I doubt you'll be allowed into KJK after serving a year in SBBN. I know they've got a proffesinal force as well, but as I know it's mostly (pretty exclusivly) reqruited from other special forces (KJK, Fallskjermjeger, etc.)

Pretty mush any batalion in the Norwegian Army has a couple of Grenaderer, but if you wanna go IntOps I'd apply for TMBN and tell them you wish to go abroud.

As stated; SBBN is in no way very hard. Rather more relaxed indeed.

I wish you all the best, rekrutten is the most memorable time of the service in msot cases.

As for me I'm, as mentioned, nearing the end of førstegangstjenesten. 2 weeks ago Velferden aranged a trip to Svalbard which I enjoyed immensely (driving snowmobiles, dog sledges, enjoying the midnight sun - all great!). If you ever get the chance I'd recommend you to go. Next week we've got the "dimmeball", then some finishing tests and such before it's summer vacation :D