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wolflw Jun 24, 2008

Thanks for your recommendations. I haven't seen neither GTO nor Death note, but I've read some of the DN manga and it seems quite good. I might look into them if they're this good:) Otherwise I would recommend you Kanokon if you like a little ecchi/romance (I just finished it).

wolflw May 30, 2008

I know the system, yes. At least, I used to know it as I've been through it myself, but they might have changed some of it with the "kunnskapsløftet" etc.E.g. I never think "Formgivning" (or "kunst og håndtverk") was ever an exam option for me... Sounds pretty neat, though :P

wolflw May 28, 2008

Gamereactor, that's that gaming magazine, right? Haven't got a user there, but if it's a good place I might very well sign up :) I doenjoy their free magazine, and gaming in general.

I'm now done with 3 exams; Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk (teh suckage) and Chemistry (finished this one today), all written. Then I've got an oral one comming up soon, not sure of the subject yet.  How about you?

wolflw May 18, 2008

Tell me about it, I've got at least 20 unwatched anime, and with exams comming up chances are I won't have too much time to watch them in a while... And i doubt I can watch much anime in the comming year as well... suckage :(

If you like drama I'd recommend you some of the more serious shows like  Kanon, Clannad and Fate/stay night. These aren't much ecchi, though... :P For humor - go watch Azumanga! I've watched that show at least 5 times, and read the mange even more... Pure greatness. 

wolflw May 17, 2008

Yes, I'm wolf-kun (or rather wålf-kun for the leisure of the non-scandinavians ^^). 

I can see you're quite into Naruto, and i guess One Piece would usualy be a natural choice then. Otherwise Bleach is quite similiar, I've heard. I'm a little more into drama and romance these days, often some pretty seinen stuff. But Naruto's a great way to relax from time to time, methinks ;) I can understand your difficulty with moving on, as I've had some of those myself... Though lately I've been watching so much great anime I really don't know what to do... I need to watch something crap soon xD  

Hope to see you around! And a friendly advice - try watching something besides the Naturo(-ish) anime, it's loads of great stuff out there, and i wouldn't place Naruto on the top of that... (Also - It's spelled [amae]naideyo - as  in "don't do [something]")