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wolflw Jul 22, 2008

hehe, thanks mate ;) Maybe not the right thing to mention then; but last year I went to California and visited Anime-Expo 07 :P So yeah - I concider myself rather lucky. I'm sure I'll enjoy it a whole lot :D

 SD sounds nice the way you describe it, I'll look into it :)

I leave tomorrow morning, so this'll be my last post in a while XD Feel free to send messages while I'm away, though - I'll reply to them when i get home. 

wolflw Jul 22, 2008

MK =Medier og Kommunikasjon. A friend of mine attended it, and they did some graphical design, among other stuff (some of it quite similiar to your "worlds largest cock:P). Don't know if it still excists, tohugh - I'm a reform 94 boy. I finished VGS now, yeah, and I'm joining the army in 3 weeks (Sanitetsbataljonen på Setermoen, indre Troms), but first I'm going on a 2 week trip to Japan :D 

I found KGNE touching, tragic and beautiful, but hawt hell I loved it a lot O.o It's kind of a happy ending, though. If you're up for another ending you can watch the currently ongoing OVA "KGNE ~Next Season~". If you didn't know the anime is adopted from a game (an eroge, acctually :p) and as such it has many possible endings (The game is also worth playing, it also excists an all-age version if you're not into the eroge). Also it's another OVA called Akana Maniax, but it's pretty suckage... Don't bother watching it unless you REALLY loved Akane...

I've got  School Days on my computer, methinks, but tbh it's pretty far down on my "want to watch soon"-list, maybe I should move it up. I've heard some mixed meanings about it, though. But if it's moving as you depict, then I probably should watch it, I like those kind of anime.

 And you're more than welcome, hope I don't bother you with it, but I just remember lots of great anime I hope you might enjoy as well ;) 

wolflw Jul 22, 2008

Sorry for late replies, I've been away, and I probably won't be on more for two weeks or so now. 

I'm glad you enjoyed Elfen Lied. I do concider it one of my favorites, and I did in fact rewatch it just a week ago. "Lilium" will always make me shiver and think of scary small girls with lots of strong, invisible arms, but I still love it. My favorite character would probably be Nana or Mayu, love those two. 

Nice drawings, and that Shadow of the Colossus one really made me wanna play that game again... And what kind of school do you attend? MK or something? Nice poster, anyways xD

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu  is another anime that reqcuires a bit of thinking, but it's not ver violent/psychological in the same way as Elfen - Still a great watch, though! If you like Dennou Coil, Lain will probably also suit you. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is also very good, kind of similiar to Elfen Lied.

wolflw Jul 13, 2008

With the CCCP pack and Media Player Classic you avoid those kind of problems, and you might excperience better subtitles as well. 

I'm glad you liked Sola, and I agree it has a pretty decent end.If you've seen some of those drama/romance anime before the end often gets a little repetative, as they tend to end the same, but Sola's got a fresh breath there :)

I read in your profile that you like "crime/thriller/mindfuck anime", as well as a little weird anime that requres a bit of thinking. Thus I thougt that I should maybe give you a list of great anime that mightsuit to those descriptions; these are anime I concider to be very good but they do contain various amounts of violence, blood and nudity, as well as psychological trauma ;) Might not always have such happy ends either...

My recommendations: Elfen Lied, Neon Genesis Evangelion (including "End of Evangelion"), Saikano, Iriya no Sora - UFO no Natsu and Mnemosyne. 

You should post some of your drawings sometime! :)

wolflw Jul 10, 2008

OK, I've somtimes experiencedVLC to have trouble playing certain formats like .mkv correctly, especially concerning subtitles and picture quality. But if it works for you it's no point messing around :p

I'll watch PA at chance, but I imagine I'll be quite busy for a while now so I can't make any promises :p And from your description it sounds quite good.

OK, if you want drama and romance you should drop both Chobits and School Rumble, as they contain much more comedy than drama (I never liked School Rumble either...) As for KGNE and Sola they are both beautiful and very good anime. KGNE is a lot more tragic than Sola, but I think it's the better of the two, at least if you can stomach a little tradgedy and sadness. Both of them has a somewhat happy end, though, but KGNE might mess you up a little getting there... Go with KGNE if you're a little excperienced with there kind of anime, but start with Sola if you're a newbie - it's a better introduction

Azumanga Daioh is, as you know, my all time favourite, and I therefore recommend it warmly! It is, on the other hand, neither dramatic nor romantic, it's just a very great laugh - watch it when you're up for some great comedy! :D