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KILL LA KILL eps 7 & 8: you’ll never be satisfied with mere victory and happiness.

25 NOV

My deepest apologies for the hold up.  Even one week without anime is too long.  And I’m not wasting any time getting back in the sadd... read more

Golden Time eps 7 & 8: even if you don’t remember… care

25 NOV

Episode 7 Well this show starts off on quite the buzz-kill.  As last episode’s confession is quickly turned into a “civil” sit... read more

Wanna Be The Strongest ep7: Gold Jackal, Blue Panther

24 NOV

Welp! I’m back watching this show. Believe me, if Golden Time or even Valvrave were available at the time of this post, I’d watch and talk... read more

Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova ep6 (children and emotions do NOT belong on the battlefield!)

12 NOV

Well this episode was a little frustrating. And to say it was slow would be very accurate. Despite all the soldiers and tanks and gunfire, this episo... read more

Wanna Be The Strongest ep5 & 6: the crabs return, in force!

10 NOV

Never thought I’d end up writing this many words about this show.  Hell, I should throw a party just for surviving six episodes of bad wre... read more