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Noein 3rd Watch (Eps 4,5)

19 JAN

Missed out a day there, exams and whatnot I'm sure you understand.


 Noein 4: Erm...


What the hell was up with that fight!? I know they're ten years old and everything but that scene was completely pointless - not to mention the music taking it completely out of character. *Sigh*

The beginning of the episode was pretty goddamn badass though; floating mask from Shangri-la that can send send out forcefields at will? Sign me up! Not to mention that we also got a title drop at last. Noein... the name of the mask-like creature that can seemingly summon gigantic arms from out of nowhere; could it be a representation of God? I wonder.

Aside from the beginning, it was pretty much all relationship development between the kids - which isn't exactly the shows strong point. And that shows through quite a bit here.

7/10 (If only for the beginning) 

Noein 5:  Vacillation



1: an act or instance of vacillating 
2: inability to take a stand : irresolution, indecision 

Haruka is in danger of causing vacillation?

Something tells me they flipped a dictionary open and randomly picked a word which they thought no-one would google. Caught you suckas!

On the plus side my vocabulary gained +1!

Relatively bland episode this one was. Too much jumping between scened of seemingly no importance at the start, coupled with completely inappropriate music thorughout maked D9 a sad panda. Even the fight scenes had something lacking; the Dragon Torque transformation sequence is beginning to get annoying, however brief it is; and the art is slipping back  into the land of caraicatures, especially with Ataru (The yellow haired dood from earlier).


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