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Noein 5th Watch (Ep 7)

21 JAN

Bingo! I'll be watching two eps tomorrow night. Noein 7:  Ventura Ventura!   Nice buildup of tension in this episode - although I'm b... read more

Noein 4th Watch (Ep 6)

20 JAN

Perhaps if I take each DVD in three parts it'll be easier to get through... Noein 6: AAAAAAAAAGH!  Why!? WHY!? Anyway, the art direction su... read more

Noein 3rd Watch (Eps 4,5)

19 JAN

Missed out a day there, exams and whatnot I'm sure you understand. ON WITH THE SHOW!  Noein 4: Erm...   What the hell was up with th... read more

Noein 2nd Watch - (Ep 2,3)

16 JAN

Noein 2 (Better numbering system, away!): Yay Learning!   OP = bleargh! Generic low quality recording j-pop is not my cup of tea at all! But i... read more

I'm Back Baby!

15 JAN

Terribly sorry about dropping off after that first Texhnolyze blog, procrastination and holidays got the better of me. Just to let you people know, I... read more