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Yohooo :D


I am 17 years old and currently live in Croatia. Started watching anime at the age of 5/6... with the "mainstream" anime (One Piece, Dragonball, Detective Conan, Inuyasha etc.) and I really enjoyed it.

Then there was this thing called "school" and I dropped watching anime and just watched random stuff (real life stuff :S). In 6th or 7th grade there was a Yu-Gi-Oh! - hype again and I started watching anime again! First Yu-Gi-Oh! then Pokemon and finally I found a good anime on the internet called Naruto... And here my journey begins...

When I got my own PC (the old, used one from my big bro), I started watching anime on streaming sites, or to be more accurate: youtube. A friend of mine suggested me an anime called "Naruto"... So I looked it up on the internet/youtube and started watching it. It was magic! I loved it! I totally fell in love with that anime-world! So I watched all of the 220 episodes of Naruto. I then realised that I wouldn't have any other work to do (any other anime to watch), so I started reading the manga (Naruto). I even began playing on some RPG-forums o.O It was a nice time *_* And on one forum i read a message: Naruto Shippuuden is gonna start airing soon! I was totally excited! But the thing was: only 1 episode per week... That was definitely not enough for me! And again... a friend of mine suggested me Death Note. What should I say?! It was awesome! Well...

I picked up an odd hobby 3 years ago. It's called "penspinning" (just google it ;) ) and through this community I came in contact with many other anime and manga! I asked a japanese friend if he'd got any good anime for me... He suggested me to watch Dragonball again (that was last year). So it was... I watched Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT... And yeah... I liked it o.O :D So I had been watching Naruto Shippuuden through this whole time... But it just wasn't the same... At one point I stalled that anime. Now the most important story: the story of me and One Piece!!!

Last summer I had to visit my parents in Germany, but my computer had to stay in Croatia (that's a tragedy for a geek T.T) and I only took my iPod touch with me (really need to buy a macbook pro -.-" portable anime *_*).In Germany at my parent's place I had been getting bored 'cause I had nothing to do. So I had searched the internet and boo-yah I found it... a good anime... this anime was One Piece. I had watched like 10-20 episodes every single day of my so-called vacations. After a few days I returned to Croatia and continued watching One Piece. After 2 or 3 weeks I finished the WHOLE anime... Yeah I know that I'm a freak :3 :D And now the real story:

After One Piece, I started Bleach. After Bleach I remembered an anime that I used to watch as kid... This anime was Ranma 1/2. So I watched it... (Ok... stalled it... only the last season left >_>). After that I ran out of ideas what I could watch next. So I asked my japanese friend again and he wrote me a whole LIST with good anime. And those anime are now my favourite ones (like: K-On, Seitokai Yakuindomo, Girls Bravo...) I really love that kind of anime <3 <3 <3



Please feel free to ask me anything you want =)


So... yeah... I love anime... I want my life to be like an anime *_* ... I even thought of inventing a machine that converts you to another dimension that is an anime o.O God I'm really a freak =)

Please correct any mistakes (grammar errors etc)... I need to learn English =)

And now a few of my other hobbies (besides anime =) ):

-penspinning (although I'm very inactive right now)


-Drawing (anime :D)

-Gaming (I'm a GEEK ;P)


-Meeting new friends (via internet or real life)

-Japanese culture

-learning a little japanese atm

-sleeping (god I love it <3 :D )

-helping other's with their problems =)

-going out with friends

-love hanging out on facebook :D


and yeah... that'd be all of it =) (though I am not sure :D)


oh and yeah... still a noob at anime T_T only have 350GB of anime on my HDD :( need to buy a few HDDs... then the downloading can begin °_° => bought a 2TB external HDD a few months ago... only 500GB left D: i have 107 anime on it o.O and its getting more day by day :O


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