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 I have been into anime since I was little when they first aired Sailor Moon in the US...I am also an avid gamer,I like to draw (though I am not that good), I love arts and crafts, I adore JRock, and if I ever get the money I would like to join the lolita community! If you would like to be freinds, feel free to send a request my way!

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asterris Jul 5, 2015

Thanks for your review comment over Seraph of the End. :) Yea you brought up a good point in regards to my preening about the outfits, I realized that it was actually a little riduculous, it's just one of my nitpicky opinions. After all I might go easier in the future on that sort of thing. I also updated the review so it covers the first season. Though I still rated it low... I actually like having different viewpoints brought up even if they're contrary to my review when they're supported logically. I mean...maybe you found my review annoying but that's just my opinion and I'm glad you put a counter argument to some of it. 

devinnez Dec 10, 2014

I agree wtih a comment you made on a review of "Akame ga Kill!"

LuneMichaels Apr 23, 2014

Hello! I love your avatar. Where did you create it?