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Dmarquz124 says...

LOLZ!!! You call it brainwash, I call it good taste. I'm a "fanboy" cuz the show is good. Hell if I care if you care what I think, I'm just venting at your bad judge of quality shows. And for someone who doesn't care what other people think you sure like to respond as if you do. XP

Apr 9, 2013
monster7foot6 says...

I think it is hopeless to be able to try and convince the fans of Clannad and Clannad After Story how much the shows actually sucked. It must be an immense amount of brainwashing that they had to do to get you fans injected with the fanboy virus for the shitty show.

A true fanboy goes out to a profile such as mine and tries to defend their show when in reality and what you do not realize, is that I do not give a shit about what others think of Shittynad and Shittynad Another Season

Apr 9, 2013