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As one sits and thinks about what they can say they have done with their life many things go by... for me all i can say is ANIME. I have been in love with anime since i saw my first one when i was 8 and have been going strong for 14 years now. The only thing that is bad is that like with games i play i get overly attached to the shows. If anyone wants to talk anime then just leave a post and i will get back to you.

I am a huge fan of all kinds of anime and there is almost nothing i won't watch and very few things that i stop watching.

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Zedde Jan 19, 2009

READ Clamore MANGA!! Ull fall in love with it all over again! Its in my top 3 for Manga!

Zedde Jan 19, 2009

Thats cool! I only reached season 3 or somewhere near there, if I remember correctly the Manga continues to season 7 or something crazy like that.

Downloads of that scale are not an option from where im at, I can only handle 5 episodes a week of high seeded episodes. Ill probably get a boxset online one day.

U like Romance, u should look for Hana Yori Dango, it was pretty good and actually ended! As well as Kimi Ga Nozuein (spelling). It was voted #1 Romance/ Love Story in another forum i used to be part of.

Zedde Jan 19, 2009

Welcome to AP!

U got one from me! N yes it feels like a lifetime, I hope i dont have to put down my gloves too soon with responsibilites and things to do with things...job...n bills...n taxes! Anyway! Have u watched every Ranma season? I never got to the end, while refusing a dvd boxset cause I was too cheap (x years ago ofcourse!)

Djblair104 Jan 19, 2009

lol hello me.


(i know im crazy but i had to do it since i could)

Morbidelf Jan 19, 2009

well,, sorry I didn't welcome you back then,, that day was rather busy and I must have missed you as newest user^^ I always try to welcome everybody:D