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As one sits and thinks about what they can say they have done with their life many things go by... for me all i can say is ANIME. I have been in love with anime since i saw my first one when i was 8 and have been going strong for 14 years now. The only thing that is bad is that like with games i play i get overly attached to the shows. If anyone wants to talk anime then just leave a post and i will get back to you.

I am a huge fan of all kinds of anime and there is almost nothing i won't watch and very few things that i stop watching.

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Jstylez Feb 8, 2009


icezscream Feb 7, 2009


just dropping by...thanks for the heart warming welcome...

thats a lot of anime..174 animes....hehe...i dont think i can match that many...but im looking for animes that are worth watching/reading?an you recommend some for me... the way....nice profile.........^_^

tripknob Feb 7, 2009

Cool profile :) I noticed that you dropped Chokotto Sister and I just wanted to know your thoughts on it. Like if it was pointless, or boring.

Vincentval Feb 4, 2009

i will finish my homework!! Even if its not on time :P

Vincentval Feb 4, 2009

im always up for recommendations on anime, thats how ive seen most of the awesome anime i never knew about :). For instance i never watched gurren lagann and had never even heard about it until about a month or two ago when a good friend of mine suggested i watch it. I will never be the same! *puts fists in air* lol