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As one sits and thinks about what they can say they have done with their life many things go by... for me all i can say is ANIME. I have been in love with anime since i saw my first one when i was 8 and have been going strong for 14 years now. The only thing that is bad is that like with games i play i get overly attached to the shows. If anyone wants to talk anime then just leave a post and i will get back to you.

I am a huge fan of all kinds of anime and there is almost nothing i won't watch and very few things that i stop watching.

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PheonixTears Mar 3, 2009

thankyouuu ^^ooo gawsh, I'm just nearly done watching Claymore =o tis amazing =3

twinlife Feb 24, 2009

Hehe, same favorite genres as mine:) Rock on!

VanGGirl Feb 18, 2009

Thankyou sooo much for introducing me to this site!!! I love it!! I will finally be able to keep up with all of my favorite anime series!!

Stephen9to5 Feb 17, 2009

thanks for telling about this web site its cool.

icezscream Feb 13, 2009

hehe....i cant fix my profile yet..ive been busy these past few days..^_^...

dont worry..ill post the animes iv'e watched the way thinking about on Claymore of my friends told me thats it is interesting..and iv'e watched the 1st episode..but i didnt continue..hehe....been busy watching other animes..hehehe...LOLZ!!and i finished Chobits..hehe..its quite a pain that it ended there any continuation to its anime??or is there a manga for chobits??

Ill look on  the animes you've recommended..hehe..ill have my free time soon....^_^...........Devil may cry.thats a video game right?never thought it had an anime series..ill look on to that...hehe...

soOooOo......i'll definitely look on to those animes youve said..and give you my reaction..specially to the hellsing ike and trigun like animes..hehe(can't remember the titles)..

and there are a lot of animes i like,,i just cant make up my mind though..ill definitely post the animes ive you can decide more..hehe...

so..bye-bye for now...

THANKS!! for the recommendations...^_______^