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Hello! This review will only highlight areas that are different from the first season. To see my review of that, click here.

This season picks up about a year after the first one left off, and immediately slaps you with about as much confusion as you felt when watching the first episode of season 1. All significant voice actors are the same, and there are no abrupt changes in character personality.

This season seems a little too fast-paced, and thus renders a few story arcs pointless. There is also quite a bit of filler, but it doesn't really end up being a problem if you like the characters.

In this season, we answer all of the questions we had about the supernatural-esque Geass power, and how it correlates to the king of Britannia. This ranges from silly and filled with holes, to insightful and poetic wisdom about life and God. 

This season has a significantly higher focus on the theme of betrayal, rather than the "who-am-I?" that was so prevalent in season 1.

Story; Adaptation of Original Plot: 8/10

The story remains very interesting, and its second half has a major focus on defining the physics of their universe. Lelouch holds true to his original exploit, but the decisive battle happens at episode 19 of 25, leaving 5 episodes to fight a new antagonist and 1 episode to summarize the ending. I don't tend to like when a series will achieve its goal and then pull a new one out of its ass. It tends to sound like "We did it!!!! Oh fuck, we have six more episodes to fill.... LOL JK new bad guy." This wasn't really the case, though, as instead they made it seem as though the first boss had to be defeated in order to discover and defeat the second, but it did downplay the first season and make a lot of brilliant schemes seem fruitless. 

Musics: 8.5/10

I thoroughly enjoyed all intro and outro songs and sequences, even though they were rather irrelevant to the anime (save the last intro). The OST is so similar in nature, skill, and sound to season 1 that I won't bother writing about it.

Characters (new); Character Development: 7/10

I didn't like most of the new characters introduced. We had a generic racist bitch with no depth whatsoever who had a high rank in the government, a few brief interactions with Princes and Princesses who were given so little stage time that their existence was negligible, and a male yandere who is in love with Lelouch. 

However, the development of existing characters was great. We get a better feel for school life, and even Nunnally, who I originally mistook for autistic, gets her time to appear intelligent and quite bad-ass if I don't say so myself.

Overall: 8.5/10

A solid, or solid enough, continuation of a solid enough show. Very action packed and exciting, quite intelligent and thought provoking, and sad enough to keep your heart strings in fine tune.

A definite must-watch for anyone who enjoyed season 1.

Thanks for reading! 


8/10 story
?/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
7/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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