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Hello! This is the first "true" anime I have ever seen, so it may be difficult to remove all biases. I'll do my best, though :)

Code Geass, in it's one sentence gimmick summary, is rather cliché; a witch can grant unique superpowers to individuals, and if an individual becomes powerful enough, he takes her place. However, it's plot is very dense and has significant depth to it, which is complimented by unique characters with brilliant character designs.

Feel free to skip the next few paragraphs to the bolded bits below.

Geass, like many other great shows, starts somewhat slow. This isn't really because nothing happens; in fact, I found myself so overwhelmed with information that I was so confused that I decided to stop watching. For personal reasons, however, I had nothing to do for the next few weeks and needed a distraction, so I started it up again.

With few exceptions, each episode compelled me to watch the next immediately. Different story arcs are introduced throughout, and each one is solved with adequate precision and with ample time. However, there are a few redundancies and battles that didn't need to happen. This becomes increasingly annoying, as non-critical fight scenes are, for the most part, interchangeable.

My favorite part about Geass is it's backstories and subtle interjections. Each character gets his or her chance to fight for your heart, and most of them will probably succeed. There are also a lot of beautiful one-liners that come from various characters, which are packed with wisdom and poetry.

Viva la revolution! The action is wild and sucked me into it, leaving me tempted to create a sort of revolution myself. While this certainly doesn't equate brilliance, it does add a great deal of interest to an otherwise sparse plot.

Character Designs; Animation: 9/10

Character designs, with a few exceptions in the first two episodes, were excellent. The bodies are a bit elongated and thin, as CLAMP designs often are, but they are very fluid and move quite naturally. Background images were quite beautiful as well, making this one of the few anime I would re-watch solely for its aesthetics.

Characters; Character Development: 7.5/10

Each character had a distinct and unique personality, and very few seemed to be static or insincere. The only major annoyance here was Nunnally, Lelouch's sister, who seemed so emotionally stiff that I mistook her for autistic until mid season 2. 

Character development, in my opinion, was great. Though characters unveil themselves in somewhat generic ways (uncovering dark secrets about friends, remembering suppressed memories, gaining emotional attachment by experience with others, etc.), they all became worthy of my love and sympathy, as interrelationships became established. I would, however, complain that the two main characters, Lelouch and Suzaku, swap ideologies so often that it can become difficult to keep track of. This, along with a few starchy relationships, drags down the score a bit.

Musics and Sounds: 8.5/10

The first and third intro and both outro songs were great, though the second intro song was extremely annyoying. Within the episodes, music was very pertinent, and it's unique use of trumpets amplified some of the psychological weirdness and shock value. The music team also did a very good job of incorporating silence as needed. 

Story: 8/10

I'm going to break this down into two sections: action, and psychological/drama. I think it's appropriate to distinguish between the two, especially since many people were bored with one while loving the other or vise verse.

  • Action: Geass is great in terms of excitement. The fight scenes are often calculated to near-perfect accuracy by Lelouch, making things very interesting to the diligent observer. Though you can always expect his genius scheming, it doesn't really get repetitive; each fight has new and interesting strategies that keep you on edge. However, there are some silly things that shouldn't have happened, such as a fresh recruit becoming the single pilot of a multi-billion dollar, one-of-a-kind mech. Overall: 7.5
  • Psychological/Drama: Geass is very sad. It deals with what it means to lose someone, what it's like to be rejected, how hard it can be to raise oneself, and several other dark themes ranging all the way to how to deal with killing one's father or siblings. This aspect of the show often left me thinking about my own life, and was a starting block for many interesting self-argument sessions. Overall: 8.5

Overall: 8.5/10

Of every show I've watched, Code Geass seemed to capture me into its environment more than any other. It's excellent use of music, great animation and character designs, and attention to detail made the whole experience feel very real. Though some characters are quite annoying, I think it is definitely worth watching for anyone who enjoys an action-packed, psychological journey.

Thanks for reading!


8/10 story
9/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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Naga Dec 12, 2012

Pff... I don't care. Spa, wherever you want...

(posting here to make this review more eyecatching to other people) *wink*

DjGopher Dec 11, 2012

Thanks for the advice :)

This is really the first batch of reviews I've ever written, so it's great to hear feedback. I'll try taking this into consideration in my next review.

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Naga Dec 11, 2012

This was a great review and a pleasant read... BUT.

Here’s some constructive criticism… in case you aim for professionalism or smth… I read a lot of reviews…

Your story section looks quite opinionated, when it should be more technical. Some people are interested in pacing, execution… and other technical things I believe should be mentioned. People tend to write reviews based on their preferences (ex: I liked/disliked it or which I believe were great/bad…), though, professionals write it more or less as facts (there are a lot of time skips – then addition - which destroy the dramatic mood/ add on suspense) – that way people don’t/do get discouraged/encouraged to watch it, but get information from which they can infer if they would like it or not. It’s mostly because people who read reviews either watched the show already or the people who want helpful information (the aim of reviews), but there are also people who want to hear other’s opinion, and if that’s the case your review is completely fine. Back on track…Your opinion should by all means be included, but mostly in the overall section. In story/characters section people prefer argumented criticism with a shit load of comparison with: a) things in show (while Suzaku stays in character in r1, he gets OOC in r2, and changes his beliefs overnight – silly example), b) other shows (, while it was better done in Legend of Galactic Heroes).