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I'm pretty fresh into anime compared to some of the seasoned veterans around here parts, but I'll be writing reviews on each anime I see, and hopefully I'll be fairly decent at it. I'll also post fan-art as I'm inspired to create it. 

For now, enjoy a few speed-doodles of Yuno. 

My ratings will sometimes deviate from the star ranks I give a series. For me, the star rank classifies it amongst other shows of similar prowess, while the rating can be more inclusive of personal enjoyment.

Not much else to say about me...

Thanks for stopping by~

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PinkyIvan Dec 10, 2012

It's always nice to know that some1 has read (and liked) my reviews. And Mirai Nikki isn't the worst anime ever, that is Sword Art Online as of recently. And there is no way I'll give it another shot, so many good anime to watch....


Naga Dec 10, 2012

In that case I recommend: Higurashi, Umineko, Monster, Deadman Wonderland(it's pure shit,but you might like it, and I would never recommend this to ayone!), Sayonara (whole cast is full nutcases,if that's the aim), and School Days. I'm not sure for what kind of 'crazy' you aim for, but I think I got it... probably... if you want something specific just ask. 


UncannyDoom Dec 9, 2012

Thanks for the comment on my Elfen Lied review. :D

Oh, and welcome to Anime Planet!

Naga Dec 9, 2012

Welcome to A-P! I feel honored to be the first one to violate your virgin comment section. Anyways. Hope you have a nice stay and what not. If you feel like it drops by for some… conversing (pantsu not needed). Ahem. Dat Yaranaika enthusiasm…

On the side note: I don’t like Niki M.