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canonrocker says...

Hi Dizeth ^^

Aug 20, 2009
Reawen says...

Haha thanks for the message awhile back... while I was in the middle of my disappearing act. Trying to get back into the swing of things now. Although I notice now YOU haven't been on for over a month... did just just miss me that much you couldn't stay around without me? ^_^

Hope you make it back soon yourself! I'm now trying to face a difficult dilemma: After about 4 months with no anime, where do I start to catch up? O_O

Jul 12, 2008
kenshina says...


Are you the host here?  I mean the manager?

=q I was just curious because of your avatar...

okay, byebye

May 26, 2008
Vayshti says...

Just call me "lurker"...

Hi Dizeth! Thanks for taking the time to pop by and say hello. 

I was beginning to find I was starting to stretch to find new stuff I liked - your profile/favourites/recs/etc. were such that I thought I could definitely trust your opinion. I probably added you on the sly a few months ago? When I next get that horrid hole that only anime can fill, I'll be checking out Paranoia Agent based on your rec.



May 16, 2008
cameronanimeangel says...

That is some classic RPG right there my friend. Any way have a great day and night watching ANIME.

Apr 10, 2008