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Speak out!" you say to to me. You place no value on the privacy of our thoughts.

Humans are hated for their opinions and beliefs. One of the biggest mistakes of such hate is that an opinion or belief can come and go in an instant.

You're greatest friend for example, imagine upon first meeting you, he thought you were one of the biggest idiots he ever met. Imagine if thoughts weren't private, an we could hear them, can you guarantee that your current friendship will exist?

Think of your spouse, what if they thought you have a very big nose, a big forehead, or simply an ugly personality? Would you be married to them now?

The world includes billions of people, think of how far we would have gotten if hearing others thoughts were a normal thing. If you're one that takes pride in your country, think of how'd you feel to not have it exist because of the likelihood of it deceiving its people many times throughout its history, without its citizens being aware.

If you really want to know what I think of you, ask me after I have gotten to know you. If you really want to know myopinion on a subject, do not judge me for it, because it can change with experience or new knowledge.

Cruel it may be, but humans often hate or kill you for your meals, so be glad that you have such a solitary place as the mind to consume some food for thought.

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Sianeka Apr 19, 2014

Hello and welcome to A-P! Hope you enjoy your time here! ^_^