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I am short, about 5'5. Asian 17 years old. I love to watch animes, read mangas, play video games mostly role playing such as final fantasy. I do also enjoy the Multiplayer Online Games as well.



Visit every country.

Live the life of a Japanese Citizen.

Rule the world.



Wake Up

Personally grooming

Eat - while watching TV/Anime/Playing Game

-Oh yes Multi-tasking is a great thing-



-Favorites-I don't really know anything that is favorable to me. I like to enjoy things as they come. Live for the moment I guess.I know one thing that is not my favorite or will ever be, and that is sad or open ended ending. Those drive me crazy...

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Ichi32 says...

Hey how are you and awesome list.

Oct 9, 2011
Coronia says...

Hey, if you are still looking for decent romance/comedy anime I would recommend checking out Angel Tales. If you have seen it you can have a flick through my profile, nearly everything is romace/comedy (or ecchi >.>) im sure you will find something rated 4-5 stars that will suit you ^^

Apr 9, 2009
Kari5 says...

Magic and mystery...humm. Spiral comes to mind. Also, Tsubasa Chronicles.

Mar 29, 2009
Kari5 says...

The best comedy/romance anime, in my opinion are: Host Club, Love Hina, Chobits, Rosario Vampire, and Kyou Kara Moah!

Mar 28, 2009
whojive says...

Welcome, come visit us in the forum soon.

Mar 28, 2009