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Hi there, you who've stumbled upon my user page. My nickname is, as the page shows, "DistMan". When it come to Anime-Planet I've been around since the later half of 2001 doing this and that. It stayed like that until 2006 when I had to focus more on other IRL things.

As my "watched list" implies, I'm quite the fan of anime (and manga), having watched probably a lot more series than your average Japanese guy (ladies and gentlemen, it's a missconception that Japanese people inherently love anime) for instance.

Interrests range from cooking to taking care of my old car. Special field would be Japan - it's language, culture and socity, Computer - IT Architecture and presale.

And that would be all for now. C ya around!

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Roman Dec 4, 2009

Hello. Is that you in the avatar? Because, if so, you look exactly like a certain someone from YouTube.

youkais Nov 27, 2008

I am so used to heard: "it is ONLY a cheap eva copy" that when I read your Sôkyuu no FAFNER review I get really happy *hearts*

Sorry the nonsense, it is that I love this serie, thanks! (???)

eirowen Jun 15, 2008

To be honest, I think you didn't do Chrno Crusade justice... maybe that is because you have seen so much anime, that you are analyzing it more than feeling it out, but I feel like you are seriously mislead about the beauty of the whole series. For sure the characters are a bit cookie cutter, but some of them have more depth than you give them credit for... I personally think that you sell both Chrno and Rosette short. Well that might just be my "soft touch" speaking... I hope that I can talk to you soon... I really have a few questions for you.

boxplanet Feb 23, 2008

Liked your review of Maria-sama ga miteru but then I noticed you havent seen Revolutionary Girl Utena which is similar and I liked lots!

wolfangel87 Oct 31, 2007

I just read some of your recommendations and they are really good!

Kepp up the amazing work!