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Ah! My Goddess TV


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Disappointed is how I'd sum this up.  I had put this one off for a long time as it seemed a little two...not my style, but in the end I broke down and watched it.  I have to say I was really pleased with how it started and if the same vibe that had been created in the first 10 or so episodes had hung around I'd have likely rated this as high as a 4 and maybe a 4.5.  Why?  Well let me break it down!

Positives: Really fun concept, well planned out characters and supporting cast, mostly great episode plots.  Now this anime again isn't all that "mature" in the sense that I would normally consider myself someone who likes more realistic storylines like Monster, but it is a fun, silly premise that offers a lot of creativity and comedic moments.  Both Morisato and Belldandy are really fun though I'll agree with a number of people who like the other goddesses more than Belldandy.  However, I don't think that having anyone else being the primary love interest for him would even come close to working in the same way as she does.

Negatives: So my big gripe with Ah! My Goddes TV is that some of the episodes start to feel like they just couldn't think of anything else to use as a main plotline.  I'm a huge fan of character development, but I don't think your story needs to suffer at the hands of it, and I remember distinctly several episodes that I would have probably just thrown out and enjoyed things more.

Another gripe I have is they kind of blew the fun kind of mystery parts really early and then it became almost a slice of life in a fantasy world show which I don't think worked as well.

I guess in the end my real problem with it and the reason I didn't rate it higher is because I think the script could have been so much better. There was a lot more room to do things that were working much better and it seems like they ended up taking the easy road and just pushed out a bunch of throw away episodes that ultimately, while fun, weren't anything special.

Meh.  Good enough that I watched the second season, but not good enough that I'd really pass it along as anything more than a fun waste of time.  (In a good sense, mind you!)

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