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Hi there, you who've stumbled upon my user page. My nickname is, as the page shows, "DistMan". When it come to Anime-Planet I've been around since the later half of 2001 doing this and that. It stayed like that until 2006 when I had to focus more on other IRL things.

As my "watched list" implies, I'm quite the fan of anime (and manga), having watched probably a lot more series than your average Japanese guy (ladies and gentlemen, it's a missconception that Japanese people inherently love anime) for instance.

Interrests range from cooking to taking care of my old car. Special field would be Japan - it's language, culture and socity, Computer - IT Architecture and presale.

And that would be all for now. C ya around!

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Amon says...

if you search for my nick and my avatar you'll find me :-)

Nov 1, 2015
Amon says...

well, back then i was still at school and stuff, and now i've already been working my profession (pharmaceutical technician) for close to 8 years. time really does fly. ^^

Nov 1, 2015
Amon says...


i remembered the times on direct connect in the chat, and had to leave you a line. ^_^/

Oct 31, 2015
ZeroKurosakii says...

Hello there.

I just pondered around on reccomendations and found one of yours to be very neat.

Aug 17, 2014
Minai99 says...

Hello there, DistMan!

May 24, 2011