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Hey there, my name is Eric, Diseasedhope, or Laylie if you knew me from another site. I recently have been getting back into anime after about 8 months of not watching really anything. I enjoy lots of different anime but lately I have been watching mainly mature psychological thrillers. Mainly ones that are of a darker more mature nature. Probably my favoirte anime of all time has to be Code Geass followed closely by Steins Gate. I am a ex staff member of a very popular anime site that I felt was going down hill, which is where I stepped away from anime and forums in general for awhile. In my spare time I watch movies, anime, and play vidya. I was a top rated WoW player for 3 years gaining many top 10 kills and top 5 leaderboard spots on World of Logs. I don't play WoW much anymore but I love to reminisce about the days of the past. I play a lot of indie games my current kick is Binding of Issac, but you will see me play anything from Civ V all the way to Battlefield 3 I have no preference on the genre as long as it is fun. I am a college student studying to become a Law Enfocement officer and hopefully become a detective so murder mystery anime are enjoyable. If you have any questions just feel free to leave a comment!

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Pembroke, North Carolina

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